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Educational Opportunity in Watertown - February 7th, 2017

Spencer's story - video - https://youtu.be/viyD1H7P768


Check out the flyer - Spencer Beach Flier1.doc.pdf




Employment Opportunities


Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Aide - Yankton, SD


The SD Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services currently has a job opening

in the Yankton District for a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Aide. For more information and to apply,

please go to http://bhr.sd.gov/workforus, and reference Job ID #7634.  Feel free to share this

announcement with others who may be interested in applying for this job.  


Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor - Pierre, SD


The SD Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services currently has a job opening in the

Pierre Office for a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. For more information and to apply, please go to http://bhr.sd.gov/workforus, and reference Job ID #7635.  Feel free to share this announcement with

others who may be interested in applying for this job.  



State Minimum Wage to Increase Jan. 1

The state minimum wage will increase from $8.55/hour to $8.65/hour effective Jan. 1, 2017.

The minimum wage is annually adjusted by any increase in the cost of living, as measured in the Consumer Price

Index published by the U.S. Department of Labor. This year’s increase was 1.06 percent and is rounded up to

the nearest five cents.  The hourly minimum wage for tipped employees will be $4.325/hour effective Jan. 1, 2017,

half the minimum wage for non-tipped employees. Wages and tips combined must equal at least the minimum wage.

These increases will apply to all South Dakota employers, with some limited exceptions. For more information, visit http://dlr.sd.gov/wagehrs/minimumwage.aspx     





Check out "Ability for Hire" Website - along with Christopher's Story: 



Opportunity: South Dakota Retailers Association 

Seeks Government Relations Coordinator

Requires a bachelor’s degree and/or relevant background in public policy, communications or

trade association. Salary based on experience. Full benefit package. Closing date Friday, December 30, 2016.

For more information regarding this opportunity;  visit http://www.sdra.org/

To apply

Send cover letter, resume and references to:
South Dakota Retailers Association
PO Box 638
Pierre, SD  57501




Benefit Calculators

The best way to start planning for your future is by creating my Social Securityaccountonline. With mySocial Security, you can verify your earnings, get yourSocial Security Statement, and much more – all from the comfort of your home or office.

We have a variety of calculators to help you plan for the future. Which calculator you choose depends on what you want to do.

We have a variety of calculators to help you plan for the future. Which calculator you choose depends on what you want to do.

For example: 

Retirement Estimator

Get estimates of monthly benefits based on your actual Social Security earnings record. You must have enoughcreditsto qualify for benefits and not be eligible for apension from work not covered by Social Security.

To see more - go to:  https://www.ssa.gov/planners/benefitcalculators.html                       





December 1st: New Federal Overtime Pay Requirements Go Into Effect


Do you have any salaried employees who work more than 40 hours per week? If "yes", be sure you’re ready for the change in federal overtime pay requirements that go into effect December 1. Here’s the basics:

Learn more at: https://www.sdra.org/article.asp?action2=showArticle&id=12311&ty=GEN




I-9 Form Revised, Must be Used By Jan. 22 For All New Hires in U.S

Learn more at South Dakota Retailers Association website -






JAN’s Workplace Toolkit: Disability-Related Guidance for Businesses


The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) has developed an online tool to help U.S. businesses successfully recruit, hire and retain applicants and employees with disabilities. The newest addition to JAN’s suite of products, the Workplace Accommodation Toolkit packages JAN’s deep knowledge into an online platform with the information businesses need to create inclusive workplaces while complying with disability-related employment laws. 

Learn more by going to their website:  http://prod.askjan.org/toolkit/



New Online Resource for Small Business Owners


The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released a new online resource center designed to help small business owners comply with the laws enforced by EEOC.  The Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) provides a user-friendly one-stop source for information on federal employment anti-discrimination laws. The Resource Center was designed for the busy small business owner who needs information both quickly and in a format that is easy to understand. In addition to providing general information on EEOC’s laws and ways in which EEOC can assist small businesses, there are also answers to frequently asked questions, guidance in making employment decisions and tips for small businesses on a variety of potential workplace discrimination issues. 

Learn more at:  https://www.eeoc.gov/employers/smallbusiness/?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=




Critter Mart and More--Teaching Skills to Students with Disabilities


There are many companies in South Dakota who work with individuals with disabilities. Every company and community can benefit from the reliability and hard work of such individuals. Critter Mart & More in Watertown is a great example of a South Dakota business finding success in working with individuals with disabilities.

Read more at:






The Cost of Domestic Violence


The effects of domestic violence are felt not only by the victims themselves, but also their families, communities and workplaces. According to studies, 44 percent of employed adults have personally felt the effects of intimate partner violence on their workplaces, and 21 percent identify themselves as victims. Thirty to 53 percent of employed victims of domestic violence lose their jobs due at least in part to the domestic violence.





Don’t Say H Word


The Rocky Mountain ADA Center has launched a campaign to get people to stop saying the H word. What H word? “Handicapped.”  “Saying handicapped puts an arbitrary limitation on people that they don’t have one,” said Rachael Stafford, Project Director of the Rocky Mountain ADA Center.

The word “handicapped” is everywhere: on signs, in articles and in everyday conversations, but Stafford said it’s time for a change.

Read more at:    http://www.rockymountainada.org/dont-say-h-word/

Rocky Mountain ADA Center Partners with Disability Advocates to End Use of ‘H’ Word

Empowerment Campaign to Educate Americans on Negative Impact of Term: Handicapped

View video at:  https://youtu.be/NmYCYj-n2WQ


Revised Federal Labor Law Posters Available


PIERRE, S.D. – The Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) has revised labor law compliance posters available for no charge from any Department of Labor and Regulation office. This poster includes six federal posting requirements.  


Earlier in 2016, the federal government issued revised postings for the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Family and Medical Leave Act.


“Businesses should beware of poster scams from companies selling various federal agency postings,” said state Labor and Regulation Secretary Marcia Hultman.  Read more at:  http://news.sd.gov/newsitem.aspx?id=20979




    Customer Service begins with Building Relationships By Rachel Woodman The door chimes as you walk in, but then you’re enveloped in silence. You hear music playing faintly, you see people conversing, but no one engages you. This isn’t the Twilight Zone, it’s just poor customer service. According to the 2011 American Express Survey, [...]

Read more at:  http://biznowmagazine.com/article/customer-service/



Laura’s Lattes: Serving Up A Good Example Along with a Great Cup of Coffee

by Jessica Au Buchon, Au Buchon Photography in Sioux Falls

Read more at South Dakota Retailers Association Website:






Free Disability Etiquette Courses


More than 59 million Americans have some kind of disability yet many people are unaware of proper etiquette when it comes to interacting with the disabled community, which happens to be the largest minority group in the country.The Rocky Mountain ADA Center is hoping to change that by offering two free online courses on disability etiquette. 

Learn more at:  http://www.rockymountainada.org/training/





County Fair Food Store: Success in Long-Term Employment for People with Disabilities

(Article found on South Dakota Retailers Association website)



SDRA Board Member Kevin Nyberg Receives Governor's Award











Career Exploration, Preparation Offered by SD Department of Labor and Regulation

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation is holding weekly meetings on career exploration and preparation through its Summer Passport Opportunities Program in Sioux Falls.  The sessions are each Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. for individuals ages 14 to 24 of all abilities.To learn more about the free sessions call Allison Green at 605-357-5300, extension 200 or allison.green@state.sd.us.











The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued a new resource document that addresses the rights of employees with disabilities who seek leave as a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The document is entitled Employer Provided Leave and the Americans with Disabilities Act -   https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/publications/ada-leave.cfm?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=




South Dakota Retailers Association Selected as Pilot Site

for Department of Labor Disability Inclusion Project


PIERRE, S.D.-The South Dakota Retailers Association (SDRA) is one of three membership associations in the nation selected to participate in a national pilot program designed to increase workplace inclusion of people with disabilities.

Read more at:  https://www.sdra.org/article.asp?action2=showArticle&id=12195&ty=GEN


Think Beyond the Label
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